With Ordering Stack you can do more!

Increase in average order value
Increased profitability
Saving time and breaking the queue
Increased productivity and quality
Customer loyalty and retention

Ordering Stack – all in one!

Digitisation of restaurants
Automation and streamlining of service and work
Direct integrations even with complex systems
Complete interface personalization
Modern Solution as Open Source and Software as a Service in the Cloud
Easy implementation and intuitive operation

What you get

Ordering Stack ordering

Omnichannel Ordering System

Simple ordering via the website from your computer, phone, or PWA apps, use of QR menus in the premises and on promotional materials, and secure and modern self-service kiosks and tablets. Processing of payments. Full and direct integration with online food ordering applications such as Uber Eats, Take Away, Bolt Food, Wolt, Glovo, Grab, and POS systems such as Oracle Micros Simphony, Micors 3700, Agnis, and others is an option.

Restaurant Ordering System

Delivery and takeaway option

Delivery definition and management, as well as the order-and-collect option. Complete ability to define delivery areas based on addresses or areas, as well as paid and free delivery zones. Delivery times are indicated. Management of suppliers. Geolocation and address auto-completion for customers.

OrderingStack KDS

Order processing and process management

Automation of the order work process by defining workstations in the kitchen (stations) and developing a work process for each order and linking it to the workstation display system – Kitchen Display System and Status Screens that inform about the order’s status and readiness for collection/delivery.

Kitchen Display System
POS Printer Ordering Stack

Printer Connector

Direct access to receipt, voucher and voucher printers at customer service, in the kitchen and at individual stations and desks requiring a printed form.

OrderingStack dashboard

Back Office

Intuitive and simple dashboard for managing your account, system, and all Ordering Stack modules, including customer interface personalization. With the ability to generate a variety of reports on sales, orders, and deliveries.

Marketing Ordering Stack

Marketing and promotions

Complete restaurant promotion assistance. It allows you to launch and manage advertising campaigns on social media and Google. Furthermore, it enables the creation of quick and local promotions, the development of relationships, and the regular and ad hoc communication with customers, including information about news and promotions for customers and potential customers.

OrderingStack Loyality

Loyalty programs

Creating and operating loyalty programs for restaurant customers and the entire chain to build a loyal customer base. Customers can collect points through various forms of vouchers and cards, as well as virtual wallets. Full integration with existing loyalty solutions is possible.

Restaurant Chain’s Loyalty Mastery – get your ebook!


OrderingStack Kiosk

Self Ordering Kiosks

Friendly application for self-service kiosks to place orders, with payments. A perfect alternative to the standard form of ordering at the counter or with a waiter. Breaking the queue.  (hardware extra)

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OrderingStack food delivery

Integrations with Food Delivery Apps

Direct Integration with popular online food ordering apps with the option to manage (including export) menus and offer availability. Quickly launch new sales channels and eliminate the problem of multiple tablets from each application.


Integrations with POS

Full and direct integration with POS systems such as Oracle Micros Simphony, Micros 3700, Agnis, Loyverse and others in the form of two-way communication. No need to rewrite menus, orders or information.

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OrderingStack integrations

Custom integrations

Additionally, even the most complex system integrations are possible on request. We have extensive experience in this, having created such solutions for KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, DHL and many other companies.

OrderingStack support

Implementation and launching

Commissioning and implementation also take place with our full support. It is important to us that our customers know and use all the possibilities of the system. To this end, we conduct many telephone trainings, video conferences and webinars. We offer our knowledge and experience in full, often providing consultation

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