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Loyalty Mobile Application Module

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Build and maintain a loyal customer base

Build customer loyalty and engagement with the loyalty component and mobile application provided by Ordering Stack.




What does the module include? 

  • A registration mechanism that requires only essential data from the user, based on native authentication mechanisms with the help of Google, Apple, and Facebook.

  • Access to coupons, discounts, and seasonal offers that are available exclusively in the app. The mobile app enables the creation of various promotional options that support the marketing and sales strategies of QSR chains.

  • A push notification mechanism from the app to the user's phone – the client can create messages, such as those about new products and the latest offers, directed to the app users.

  • Language variants specified by the client.

  • A map with the exact address and location of the restaurant chains.

  • Content and graphics management in a CMS application.

  • QR code as a mobile buzzer – after scanning the QR code from the receipt, the user receives a notification about their order without needing to use a printed number.

How does the app module work in practice?

Read our case study. 


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