Self-service kiosks for restaurants

self ordering kiosk in KFC Samex Bulgaria
self ordering kiosk in KFC Samex Bulgaria
self ordering kiosks in PASIBUS (Poland)
self ordering kiosk in KFC (Bulgaria)
self ordering kiosks in PASIBUS (Poland)

Sell more and amaze your guests!

  • +30%

    Boost your sales right away

  • -40%

    Cut your wait time in half with kiosks

  • +76%

    Boost customer satisfaction

Improve operational efficiency

  • Queue managament, customer screens and KDS
  • Upsell built-in
  • UI/UX Customizable
  • Integrated with your POS or as an autonomous solution
  • Open for integration (API)
  • Can run on almost any kiosk hardware

Complete Solution

Ordering Stack is a complete solution that enables self-ordering and payment in your restaurant. We provide an end to end solution including: hardware, delivery, menu configuration, software integration and maintenance

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Cloud based

Ordering Stack doesn’t require a local server or LAN. It is adapted to remote connections and works smoothly even on 3G. It uses push messages to communicate between devices.

Battle tested solution

We have delivered solutions for hundreds of kiosks in many countries. Many years of experience have allowed us to build the Ordering Stack, a modern suite ready for both smaller and larger global restaurant chains.

Get it all with great hardware

Although Ordering Stack can run on almost any hardware, we offer a full stack solution with kiosk devices from trusted providers. Their kiosks demonstrated their quality, and they also provided quality service in hundreds of restaurants; they also look fantastic.

An autonomous solution or integrated with your pos

You can use Ordering Stack as a stand-alone solution working with kiosks, KDSes, and queue screens, or integrate it with an existing POS system like Oracle Micros.

UI/UX customizable

Kiosk and mobile frontends are designed as independent interface layers. This allows for easy implementation. The UI interface can be tailored for specific needs and brand visuals.

How to deploy kiosk in your restaurant chain?

A path to efficiently implement self-service kiosks in up to 3 months, connected to your sales system (ERP / POS), supporting the payment operator of your choice (pinpad) and working in accordance with local fiscal requirements.

Step 1. Integrate with POS system.

As with other modules, we always start by integrating your sales system (ERP / POS) with Ordering Stack. It is possible that we already have integrations ready, we are ready right away, if not - within 3-4 weeks we create a new pos-integrator.


Step 2. Synchronization and enrichment of menu.

Preparation of your menu (product configuration) to meet the requirements of self-service. It's not always obvious how to do this, but it will be easier if you rely on our experience.


Step 3. Kiosk hardware setup.

Preparation of kiosk hardware with a pinpad for payments and a printer (including a fiscal printer if required in your country). You may also need monitors for Customer Screen and optional KDS. With that you can start UAT and then first deployments.


More information

For younger people, using a touchscreen is natural. According to the Pew Research Center, up to 96% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 have a smartphone. So a touchscreen would be the most natural thing for them to use. With its modern, sleek design, a digital signage kiosk can be a lot more familiar than a stranger behind the service desk.

Get Started

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