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Self Service Kiosk for restaurant

Ordering Stack is ready to deploy, a cloud solution enabling self ordering and payment.

Ordering Stack is ready to deploy, complete solution enabling self-ordering and payment in your restaurant.

  • Dedicated for restaurant chains,
  • Kiosks help to shorten queues,
  • Provide better customer experience,
  • Less work for the cashier who can help in the kitchen,
  • Kiosks are the preferred way of placing orders for many customers,
  • We provide an end to end solution including: hardware, delivery, menu configuration, software integration and maintenance.
  • We are a reseller of M4B, a company that produces state of art kiosks hardware, menu boards and led screens.
  • We are a one-stop-shop for every solution.

See what Ordering Stack can do for you

We believe that our solution can help you attract more sales and generate more money.

Cloud based

Ordering Stack doesn’t require any local server or LAN. It is adapted to remote connection and works smoothly even on 3G. Is uses push messages to communicate between devices.

Battle tested solution

We have delivered solutions for hundreds of kiosks in many countries. Many years of experience have allowed us to build Ordering Stack: a modern suite ready for both smaller and larger global restaurant chains.


Although Ordering Stack can run on almost any hardware we offer full stack solution with kiosk devices from M4B. Their kiosks proved its quality in hundreds of restaurants, moreover they look awesome.

An autonomous solution or integrated with your POS

You can use Ordering Stack as a stand-alone solution working with: kiosks, KDSes and queue screen or integrate it with an existing POS system like ORACLE MICROS.

UI/UX Customizable

Kiosk and mobile frontends are designed as an independent interface layer. This allows to easy implementation. UI interface can be aligned for specific needs and brand visuals.

Open for integration

Thanks to fully open API and webhooks it is very easy to integrate and extend functionality. We can provide full documentation and examples.

Loyalty platform on-board

The Kiosk platform can work with your loyalty system.

Upsell built-in

Ordering Stack cares about your average check value (ACV) and will help maximize it. You can set up recommendation rules and special promotions with almost infinite ways of discounting.

Get In Touch

Have any questions or remarks? Need some kiosk consultation or want to see OrderingStack in your restaurant chain?

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