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Multi-Kiosk - solution for Food Courts and Food Halls

Multi-Kiosk is a self-service kiosk application by Ordering Stack, designed to handle orders from multiple different restaurants using a single device. This is an ideal solution for food courts in shopping centers or food hall establishments. It is well-suited for places with high traffic where customers can take advantage of offrings from many restaurants in one location. 

The application in Multi-Kiosk features menu cards from more than one restaurant. After selecting a specific restaurant brand, the customer can place an order and make a payment, which is then transmitted to the appropriate entity through the Ordering Stack system.

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Handling fiscalization and payments in the Multi-Kiosk:



  • The kiosk is equipped with a fiscal module that redirects payment-related inquiries
  • Each restaurant issues its own fiscal receipt
  • Payment for the order is sent to the restaurant's own merchant account through the Soft-POS payment terminal

One self-service kiosk and one kiosk application for many restaurants

Features of the Multi-Kiosk Module: 

  • Queue managament, customer screens and KDS
  • Upsell built-in
  • UI/UX Customizable (branded)
  • Integrated with your POS or as an autonomous solution
  • Can run on almost any kiosk hardware
  • Compliant with fiscal requirements in your country
  • The order status visible on the Order Status Screen pertains to orders from all restaurants