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Lumberjacks – smashed burgers on site and delivery

Increased service speed and work efficiency on orders in a burger restaurant. Implementation of a food ordering and kitchen display system.

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Lumberjacks is a burger place, a temple to the best beef. Today it’s just one place, but soon it will turn into a chain of locations.

The client came to the Ordering Stack looking for a proven solution as well as for a partner to set up kiosks for ordering food in restaurants. It was to be fast and without queues for customers. Discussions with the restaurateur started at this point, but during these discussions it became clear that the best solution would be to introduce the entire Ordering Stack system covering online food ordering system, Kitchen Display System and Status Screen.

Ordering Stack supplied and implemented a system for processing orders. I decided to choose this solution because it is a modern and beneficial way for both the restaurant and the customer, and it is well known from global chains like KFC or Pizza Hut. It allows us to reduce the queue, optimise costs for employees and create upselling solutions. For the customer, it is a convenient and fast form of placing orders and obtaining product information.

The comprehensive implementation allowed us to launch online sales channels, self-service ordering of food in the restaurant as well as effective management of the ordering process.

Food Ordering

The food ordering system was created with the use of the highest quality materials – graphics and photos. Almost every burger has a complex configuration with the possibility of personalising ingredients – adding and subtracting free of charge and paid ingredients.

The latest options for up- and cross-selling activities were used, which is expected to significantly increase the average order value.

Kitchen Display System

LumberJacks KDS

A full workflow for handling orders in the kitchen, broken down by the following stations, was developed within the Kitchen Display System and the kitchen stations:

  • Grill-man – a place to grill meat for burgers
  • operation of the fryer
  • assembling the burgers
  • order completion

The whole set-up was configured taking into account the working time at each station so that everything could be delivered fresh and hot to the customer, so that the prepared burger would not wait for fries or other toppings. For our client, the most important thing was the precision and quality of the meal served.


The implementation was a challenge due to the need for accurate calculation of working time at individual kitchen stations and the complex menu configuration, but also due to the quality of all the graphical material needed for the online menu configuration. Everything was finished in all details. The result, when the system and kiosks were launched, exceeded everyone’s expectations, but most importantly, the restaurant’s customers loved the solution. 

They order and configure the burgers themselves in the restaurant. The number of customers ordering takeaway and delivery is constantly growing.

The professional and individual approach, flexibility and understanding of the business made me choose Ordering Stack. I can confidently recommend this solution to anyone in the HoReCa industry.

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