Ordering Stack is a fully customized omnichannel system for placing and handling orders in restaurants, complete with self-service kiosks (with payments), loyalty program options, and marketing activities, and fully integrated with POS / EPOS systems (such as Micros, Simphony, Loyverse, Agnis, and others) and food ordering applications (such as Uber Eats, Bolt Food, Take Away, and others).
Based on years of experience working with KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Starbucks.

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Ordering Stack is used for:

Full customization, as well as high performance and scalability of the product to meet the needs of restaurant chains, fast food, and QSR.
Integration with POS systems, online food ordering applications, and payment providers is complete and bidirectional.
A dedicated team of experts ensures that the system and functionality are implemented, configured, and developed in accordance with the needs of restaurant chains.

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What You get?

Ordering Stack ordering

Omnichannel Ordering System

Simple ordering via the website, phone, and PWA apps, QR menus, self-service kiosks, and tablets. Full integration with online food ordering applications and POS systems is available.


Menu engineering and management

Creation and management of menus, including handling even complex multi-ingredient dishes such as half-and-half pizza with different ingredients. Possibility of defining up- and cross-selling activities, as well as creating sets and promotions


Delivery and take-away option

Definition and management of deliveries and the order-and-collect option. Complete control over delivery zones, from free to paid (with delivery times indicated). Management of suppliers. Geolocalization and address autocomplete.


Process management and order handling

Defining kitchen workstations, as well as developing a work process for orders and connecting it to the workstation display system (the Kitchen Display System) and the Status Screens for order status information.


Printer Connector

Connection to POS printers and receipt/voucher printers in the kitchen and at individual stations where a printed form is required.


Back Office

An intuitive and simple-to-use panel for managing all Ordering Stack modules, with the ability to generate multiple reports.


Marketing and promotions

Launching and running advertising campaigns, creating quick local promotions, communicating and building relationships with clients, and informing clients and potential clients about news and promotions.


Loyalty programs

Creation and maintenance of loyalty programs for restaurant customers—from collecting points through various forms of vouchers to virtual wallets for customers. Possibility of full integration with existing solutions

Additionally for Ordering Stack

OrderingStack Kiosk

Self Ordering Kiosks

Friendly self-service ordering kiosk app (hardware extra).

OrderingStack food delivery

Integrations with Food Delivery Apps

Direct Integration with popular online food ordering applications with the option to manage (including export) menus and offer availability.


Integrations with POS

Full and direct integration with POS systems such as Oracle Micros Simphony, Micros 3700, Agnis, Loyverse and others in the form of two-way communication.

Customers about us

From the first presentation of the capabilities and operation of Ordering Stack, including in detail the self-service kiosks, we knew this was the partner for us. This is exactly the solution and approach we were looking for! The professionalism and understanding of the client’s needs displayed by the Ordering Stack team are of a very high standard, as are their efficiency and response time.

We’ve only had positive experiences with Ordering Stack, and we’re excited to be working with them. At GUTY, we believe in long-term collaborations—collaborations that move both companies forward. We are confident that Ordering Stack from 3e Software House is the best option for such collaboration. GUTY is a multinational and multicultural company. Therefore, we strongly believe that communication plays an absolutely essential role in cooperation. Excellent communication and a high level of professionalism are two things we’d like to highlight. These things aren’t always found in these kinds of companies.

Ordering Stack provided us with an online ordering solution. The system handles even complex ingredient combinations with ease. The collaboration has been pleasant and substantive right from the beginning. The Ordering Stack team listens to what the customer wants and builds the product so that it gives the restaurant real value. The implementation and contact have been smooth. I sincerely recommend it.

Ordering Stack designed and implemented a system for accepting orders via the website, smartphones, and self-service kiosks. This solution was chosen because it is a modern approach that benefits both the restaurant and the customer, and it is widely used by global chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut. It allows us to skip the line, reduce employee costs, and find new ways to sell more. It is a convenient and quick way to place orders and obtain product information. I chose Ordering Stack because of their professional and individual approach, flexibility, and understanding of the business. I wholeheartedly recommend this solution to anyone in the hospitality industry.


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