Multichannel restaurant ordering system

Built on years of experience working for big international fast food brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, or Costa Coffee.

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General Idea

Our vision of multichannel ordering system for restaurants


Inside/front of restaurant

Back of restaurant


PWA ordering application

Web application running either on mobile and desktop browser allows to place an order in selected restaurant. It leverages advantages of PWA technology - does not require installation as native app, can be added to desktop as icon and run in fullscreen mode. More about online ordering module.

KIOSK application

Out kiosk application allows to place an order, pay for it by card with integrated pinpad, and receive print receipt. It works on all system platforms. More about kiosks.

Status screen application

Application showing status of customer orders (in progress, ready to pick up). Usually installed inside a restaurant on the visible screen.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

KDS is an application that works on touch screens in the kitchen. Thanks to it, employees can see the orders placed, and also update their status. Our KDS can be installed on a single screen showing orders. Another possibility is installation on screens at several stations, then it can support a multi-stage kitchen process. More about KDS.

Printer connector

This component allows to connect multiple printers in a restaurant and control printouts at various stages of the order processing. For example, it can be configured to print label stickers for delivery purposes, or fiscal slip.


Backoffice application for restaurant manager allows to configure products, prices, menu, open hours, delivery areas and all other things. Provides access to reports.

Loyalty system

The loyalty platform allows you to build relationships with restaurant customers and encourage them to re-order. It allows to create, edit and delete loyalty accounts, maintain a bonus points wallet, adding points on transactions and redeem collected rewards. Thanks to the integration with the Marketing Automation platform, it is possible to define effective sales stimulation processes

POS integration module

This integration component is responsible for transferring orders from Ordering Stack from all sources directly to the local POS system operating in the restaurant. The module also has the ability to send menu definitions from the POS system to the Ordering Stack and synchronize the status of orders. Currently, there is one integration with Oracle MICROS. Implementation guidelines for other POS integrations are covered here.

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