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What is Ordering Stack Delivery?

  • Ordering Stack Delivery is a system that allows you to sell meals on the Internet, it includes: restaurant menu, basket, payment system, delivery areas and much more.
  • Your customers will be able to order meals from the restaurant both via telephone and personal computers.
  • Ordering Stack Delivery functions independently as a web-based application (PWA) that can serve as a platform for your restaurant to place orders online.
  • Delivery is one of the modules of Ordering Stack software for restaurants. In addition to the Delivery module, the system also offers a self service kiosk software (SSK) in the restaurant, KDS (Kitchen Display System) and a back office module for the manager.

Order acceptance process


Customer place an order

Your customer orders food via the application by phone or computer and makes the payment.


The order appears in KDS

The order appears in the Kitchen Display System .



You accept the order and specify a delivery time.



You prepare the order and deliver to the client a hot meal on time.

Functionalities of Ordering Stack Delivery

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Customer friendly web application

The Ordering Stack Delivery web application runs smoothly on both phones and personal computers and was designed by experienced developers from 3e Software House. The company's portfolio portfolio includes, among others, building . a web-based ordering application for KFC and Pizza Hut in Poland.

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Statistical data and facilities

The intuitive back-office module allows you to easily configure and monitor data that is important to you. Check which dishes are the most popular, which ones provide the highest average value in the order basket and display monthly/quarterly/annual reports.

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Extensive product configuration system

The product model allows for the configuration of complex orders (e.g. half and half pizza, non-standard additions, etc.) and selections. Your customers can have as many options to configure as you allow them.

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You can customize the appearance of your application according to your needs.

Adjust the look of your online ordering platform to match your brand. Do you want your application to be red in colour and your logo to be displayed in many places? Ordering Stack Delivery is distributed by the manufacturer who has built the application from scratch, so we can freely modify its appearance. (for an additional fee).

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Implemented the latest payment methods

Ordering Stack Delivery System is fully configured with the latest online payment methods. Let your customers pay as they like. Customers can pay in the following ways: Blik, Debit/Credit card, online transfer.

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Promotional opportunities

Add promotions, discount coupons, loyalty programs and display up-selling to the customer.

System start-up process


Contract agreement

Fill registration form, accept the regulations.


We'll set up an account for you

At this stage you must also register with an online payment intermediary. We will contact you to provide you with access and detailed instructions.


Configuration of menus and delivery zones

You will receive an Excel file to complete the menu information for your restaurant and easily define the delivery catchment area. Once this file is imported, the system will display your food.



We have to make sure that everything is working properly before we start.



The system sells your food on your website.

Our experience

Ordering Stack Delivery was developed by 3e Software House, a company with 18 years of experience in creating dedicated custom software.

Our services have been used by, among others, Amrest - one of the largest independent restaurant chain operators in Central and Eastern Europe, operating over 2000 restaurants of well-known franchise chains, such as: KFC, Pizzahut, Burger King, or Starbucks.

AmRest uses the ordering platform created by us, including kiosk software that has been implemented in many Central and Eastern European countries.

Learn more about our experience in creating software for restaurants.

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