Launch your own channels for ordering food from your restaurants and increase your revenue today.

Ordering Stack is a fully personalized multi-channel ordering system, with ordering through the website from your computer, from your phone, and through PWA apps, or using a QR menu.  

Ordering Stack provides true automation and digitization of restaurants, built on many years of cooperation with brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Guty.

Ordering Stack – ordering system for restaurants:

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Ordering via the website Ordering via the mobile phone Ordering via the PWA progressive application Ordering via QR code access

Orders can be processed in the following options:

  • eat-in restaurant – customers order and eat on the spot
  • delivery – full customization of delivery zones
  • take-away – the option to pick up prepared orders by customers


Menus and features:

  • Configuration of complex dishes, such as half-and-half pizzas and combo meals
  • The possibility to personalize and replacing ingredients
  • Creating promotions and recommended dishes
  • Up-selling additional products
  • It is based on product definitions in the POS system or the possibility to insert definitions in the Ordering Stack system

Part of bigger system:

The entire system works perfectly with other modules of the Ordering Stack system, which ensures full automation of work in restaurants:

  1. Kitchen Display System with Status Screen – an order processing system in the kitchen along with displays at each station and information on orders being prepared and orders ready for pick-up
  2. Self-service kiosks – ordering kiosks reduce queues and allow customers to make purchases independently
  3. Direct POS integration
  4. Food Delivery Apps integration

In addition, we guarantee high performance and scalability of this product in line with the requirements of the restaurant chain as well as we offer a dedicated team of experts that ensure implementation, configuration, and development of the system and functionalities according to real needs.

Our experience:

Ordering Stack Delivery was developed by 3e Software House, a company with over 20 years of experience in creating dedicated custom software, including ordering systems.

Our services have been used by, among others, Amrest – one of the largest independent restaurant chain operators in Central and Eastern Europe, operating over 2000 restaurants of well-known franchise chains, such as: KFC, Pizzahut, Burger King, or Starbucks.

AmRest uses the ordering platform created by us, including self-service kiosk software that has been implemented in many Central and Eastern European countries.

GUTY Case Study

From the implementation of the omnichannel ordering system, through order handling along with the workflow process in the kitchen, to marketing and loyalty support.

Lumberjacks Restaurant

Lumberjacks Case Study

Increased service speed and work efficiency on orders in a burger restaurant. Implementation of a food ordering and kitchen display system.

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