Ordering Stack Pricing

The Ordering Stack is designed with restaurant chains in mind (large and small).
We currently make all valuations individually. Our prices for using the system as well as for dedicated work are competitive with many “of the shelf” solutions.

If you are looking for (at least one from the list):

  • advanced online ordering platform
  • a solution enabling far-reaching configuration and adaptation to your needs
  • a ready-made solution or just a foundation on which you can build your ordering platform
  • online ordering solution that can be integrated with various POS (or loyalty) systems without compromising the convenience of ordering for the customer
  • ordering in many channels, not only web and mobile, but also kiosks, api etc.
  • a supplier with years of experience in software development and integrations for the QSR industry for the world’s best companies

… be sure to contact us! :-)

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