Two Months to Victory: Popeyes case study

With trust from the client and experience from previous implementations, the Ordering Stack team managed to build the digital ecosystem for Popeyes in Poland in less than two months.

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Burger King Kiosks

3-month Kiosk Implementation – Burger King Case Study

Within three months of implementing the project, the Ordering Stack team successfully executed a comprehensive digital transformation, including the installation of digital kiosks, resulting in increased profits within the client's ecosystem.

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Burgerista case study

It is rare for a company to be completely non-digital, with both the ability and the will to do so. Most restaurant companies build their tech stacks incrementally, adding new blocks while trying to keep old ones in place. And that was the story o...

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Kiosks putting the foundation in digital transformation – Pasibus case study

One of the largest street food chains in Poland started the digital transformation by implementing sophisticated kiosks in their most popular brick-and-mortar localizations. 

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KFC Bulgaria – digitization and self-service in restaurants.

Implementation and integration of self-service kiosks for ordering food in KFC restaurants.

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Lumberjacks Restaurant

Lumberjacks – smashed burgers on site and delivery

Increased service speed and work efficiency on orders in a burger restaurant. Implementation of a food ordering and kitchen display system.

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OrderingStack GUTY case study

GUTY Case Study – digitization of restaurant chain.

From the implementation of the omnichannel ordering system, through order handling along with the workflow process in the kitchen, to marketing and loyalty support.

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