Restaurant Chain’s Loyalty Mastery

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+ A Big Restaurant Chain’s Loyalty Software Comprasion


What's inside Restaurant Chain's Loyalty Mastery

How loyalty programs are helping?

Studies Show: Every Restaurant Chain Needs a Loyalty Program

  • Customer aqcuisition is expensive, return visits is key to thriving restaurants
  • Loyalty programs automate customer retention and build return visit habits

Stats and data

  • +61%Increase in ROI
  • up to 220%Loyal customers generate more revenue
  • +76%Increase in upsell and product bundles

A Big Restaurant Loyalty Software Comparison

Chart Comparison

  • Compatible program types
  • User interface (online, mobile, app, etc.)
  • Marketing communication capabilities (text, email, etc)
  • Automated communication capabilities

Real examples from top notch restaurants with extensive commentary

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