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Digital Menu Board Provider

Digital Signage 

Ordering Stack allows for always up-to-date product pricing to be fed into Digital Signage content systems. We integrate with several popular Digital Signage management systems. On the other hand, product data can be sourced from popular POS systems such as Oracle Simphony.

In recent years, many QSR restaurant chains have opted to implement screens displaying their offerings instead of backlit panels with printed foil (lightbox displays). These digital screens, known as Digital Menu Boards (DMB), allow for much more attractive presentation of selected menu items and offer numerous other benefits. DMBs typically use professional-grade displays with increased brightness, often bezel-less, with 4K resolution and sizes of 43 inches or larger. An essential component of such a solution is the content management software (CMS or DS) for centralized screen management. These systems enable fully remote management of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of screens.



Digital Menu Board  

In practice, this means that the marketing person can efficiently plan what is displayed, in which locations, on which screens, and at what times using such software. In quick-service restaurants, DS screens are often placed near points of purchase, above the counter where orders are placed, at entrances, or at Drive-Thru ordering kiosks. They showcase selected menu items, often varying by time of day, such as breakfast items in the morning and popular lunch items later in the day.

During the display on Digital Menu Boards, the accuracy of product pricing is crucial. In recent years, inflation has led QSR chains to update prices frequently. The complexity is compounded by the use of different price tiers. In the era of lightboxes, updating prices meant commissioning the printing of new backlit foils with updated offerings for all restaurants, distributing them, and arranging for their replacement—a decidedly challenging operation.

DMB Integrator Module

When using a Digital Signage system, price updates are somewhat easier—prices need to be updated in all digital content, but this still requires the involvement of someone to execute and then set up the new content for display on the screens.

Ordering Stack (specifically the DMB-Integrator module) facilitates effortless price updates. The DS platform can retrieve current product prices from our module and display them in designated areas (known as placeholders). This approach ensures that price updates are completely seamless and fully automated, practically eliminating the risk of misleading customers.

How it works: Ordering Stack is a platform that integrates all major IT systems in the restaurant, including POS systems. Through this integration, our system always has current product definitions along with their prices. The DMB-Integrator module exposes a specialized API with product price information (along with a module that can operate locally in the restaurant and cache data). This API can be easily utilized by DS systems. Integration works with DS systems such as Harmony (Mood Media), Magic Info/Data Link (Samsung), or Wave (M4B).