Revenue costs

How Ordering Stack supports HoReCa KPIs

Now companies need to blend online and offline sales. And this gets reflected in the KPIs that support reaching business goals in the new reality.

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chef cooking in kitchen

Cloud Kitchen – the new model of operations in HoReCa

This new concept comes with multiple advantages and makes it possible to gain a significant slice of the post-COVID restaurant market.

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OrderingStack mobile order

Five ways that technology is changing the restaurant industry

In fact, as a result of the latest restaurant technologies the business is more digital and omnichannel than one could ever expect.

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The top five restaurant trends of 2020

How to keep your restaurant still in the game? What to do to keep it in the top category? A guide to the most important issues.

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Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo 2019

We will be at Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo 2019 in London on Nov the 19th and 20th. Check Ordering Stack software in action.

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