Nie, nie może. Musisz zapewnić działające połączenie do Internetu aby działały komponenty Ordering Stack, w tym KIOSK. W przypadku problemów z głównym łączem, rekomendujemy wykorzystanie łącza zapasowego. Już zwykły modem 3G/LTE jest wystarczający.
Uważamy, że połaczenie do Internetu staje się powszechne jak elektryczność. Wg nas nie da się realizować strategii omnichannel bez Internetu

Our goal was to create solution for enterprise scale restaurant chains. We used patterns that are used in such big enterprises. It includes:

  • complex product model supporting configuration (removing, replacing and adding extra ingredients, condiments etc.), multi-level meals, half and half pizza, meal enlargement and so on.
  • support for all possible channels of ordering and ways of delivering
  • kiosk application
  • mechanisms for blocking items that restaurant run out of
  • schedules of working time for restaurants
  • advanced discounting mechanisms
  • loyalty integration readiness
  • easy integration with existing POS systems
  • easy customization end extensibility by using webhooks

Ordering Stack is cloud native, microservice based, ultra scalable and customizable modern piece of software based on powerful technology stack (Java, Spring framework, Node.js, Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Docker, Kubernetes, React.js).
It works as multitenant SaaS system, can be also installed as on premise solution.

Ordering Stack is developed by 3e software house, a company with 18 years of experience in building custom software and ordering platforms. One of our customers is AmRest, one of largest independent chain restaurant operators in Central and Eastern Europe, running more than 2000 restaurants including KFC, Pizzahut, Starbucks and others. AmRest uses ordering platform created by us including kiosk software deployed on hundreds of kiosks in multiple countries.

See more about our experience in ordering software field on page 3e software house.