AGNIS POS Integration

We have finished new POS integration for Ordering Stack: it is AGNIS, hospitality software suite for hotels and restaurants, popular in Czech Republic.


Our POS integrator takes care of:

  • menu synchronization (AGNIS products definitions including prices are sent to Ordering Stack)
  • inserting online orders from Ordering Stack into AGNIS POS (from any channel like web, mobile, call center or kiosk)
  • uploading local POS orders created on AGNIS into Ordering Stack – it makes possible to use Ordering Stack KDS (Kitchen Display System) regardless of order source

Agnis integration with Ordering Stack data flow

Integrator module needs to work on one device installed in restaurant local network (works on Windows, Linux or MacOS). Due to usage of simple local database it works flawlessly even when network connection is not stable.

AGNIS Integrator module is based on Ordering Stack open source component pos-integrator-core, which can be used as a foundation for any other Ordering Stack integrator.