Tenant configuration

Public tenant configuration parameters

attribute description example val.
backgroundImage URL of the background image (recommended size is 415x630 when bottomBar==false (default) and 415x800 when bottomBar==false) http://placekitten.com/200/300
logo show image in top bar of the app false
bottomBar whether app should show bottom bar around buttons ‘take away’/‘deliver’ or not false (default)
defaultLanguage locale loaded by default en
currency string representing currency EUR
title Title of the page after loading (usually name of the brand)
contactName name of company (for contact) eg. House of pizza 123
contactAddress first line of the address Strange street 123
contactAddress2 second line of the address Strange city, 32423
contactEmail email - contact data presented in app contact@orderingstack.com
contactPhone phone - contact data presented in app +48 123 456 789