Restaurant Chain Digitalization Roadmap Initial Questionnaire

Before getting into the process of digitization of your restaurant chain you should go with deep analysis of your requirements. This questionnaire should help with it. Your answers will help to choose the best tools and prepare your digital transformation roadmap.

General questions:

  1. Please describe the scale of your business, eg: how many restaurants do you have, how much turnover do you generate?
  2. Please describe how you are currently selling your food: dine in, take away, delivery. If more than one please estimate what percentage of turnover particular channels are/will generate?
  3. Please describe what kind of function should provide the new system? (eg. BRS document)
  4. Do you currently have some system that will be replaced?
  5. Are you currently using some food delivery integrators sides, eg Uber Eats?
  1. Can you describe the kind of menu that you are selling? Is there a possibility to select some generic groups, like simple products (french fries, drink can, single sandwich ), combo meals(sandwich + drink can). If you using combo meals: 1.1) What does the structure of those meals look like? How do you calculate the price for that set? What is possible to change?
  2. What options of configuration are you allowed? eg. can a customer add an additional tomato to his sandwich? Can he remove something?
  3. Are you using constant menu price? (The same price is in every restaurant? The same price is every day part eg. happy hour)
  4. Are you using a constant menu? (The same menu for every restaurant? / The same menu for every day part eg. separate breakfast menu)
  5. Are you using some up-sell rules? (special price for regular customers, loyalty carts)
  6. Does your system need to offer customers additional products? If yes, how should these rules work?
  7. How is the menu configured right now?
  8. Do you need some kind of exceptions (eg. restaurant working hour, excluding product from the menu in case of a restaurant incident)

System questions:

  1. Can you describe how your system should work? Will it be available as a WWW page or also as an application in smartphones?
  2. Should in the system be options for customers to register and log in? If yes what will be the benefit for registrations?
  3. Should system integrate with your internals system, eg. (kitchen systems, accounting systems)? If yes please describe those systems with possible methods of integrations.
  4. With which systems externals system, the new system should itegrate eg. (online payments, SMS/Push notifications)
  5. In which countries will the system be available? How many languages should provide in a single country?
  6. How will the system get a new menu? Should connect to some external system or the system will be MasterData itself?
  7. What tools from back office and restaurants do you need? Can you describe them in a few words? (eg. change order status, claims, delivery zones)
  8. How should the system be deployed? (eg. internal hosting, cloud)
  9. Will the system grow? Are you planning to develop the system in future? If yes: how? Regular updates with small sets of changes or big modular updates?